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When your business requires consistent same-day transportation our scheduled delivery service might be the ideal fit for your needs.

Scheduled,Scheduled delivery

It is your schedule, we just make it happen

Instruct us when and where you need us to pick up and deliver, and we will be there exactly then. Not a second sooner or later. Punctuality is key when you make a scheduled delivery and that is why everyone who is part of our team is trained to arrive exactly on time. 

A scheduled delivery every day

Our fleet is big enough to manage the scheduled deliveries of a business big enough to require same-day deliveries daily. Our vehicles are located in every major city in Great Britain and this mobility enables us to handle such a precise task with reliable efficiency.

Maybe you just need us weekly?

We can help big and small business alike. Our scheduled service can always be modified to fit your specific needs and we can guarantee that we will never miss a pick up or a delivery if you choose us as your transportation partners.

A trustworthy partner

If you chose Cargo Correct as your logistics partner, you can be sure that every time we transport your goods they will be in safe hands. Our team has been specially trained how to handle delicate assets and we can guarantee that every time we transport your goods they will be secure in our lorries. On top of that, all of our consignments are insured with a minimum of £10 000.

Scheduled,Scheduled delivery